Project Description


Hainan, China


For centuries, Hainan was part of Guangdong Province until in 1988 when the island became part of the newly created Hainan Province.

The province has an area of 33,920 square kilometers (13,100 sq mi) and is China’s most Southern province. Although it comprises some two hundred islands scattered among three archipelagos off the southern coast, 32,900 square kilometers (12,700 sq. mi) (97%) of its land mass is Hainan Island, from which the province takes its name.
Hainan Province is the largest Special Economic Zone established in the late 1980s.

Due to its’ southern location it has developed in the last few years as a main holiday destination for both Chinese and overseas visitors.

The investment:

The management of Realty Access Global is convinced that due to a shortness of high end, quality accommodation and the seemingly ever-increasing prices of property, this is a good time to invest in property opportunities in Hainan Island. We therefore have a team onsite to source a secure opportunity. This would give our participants not only the chance to participate in the booming Chinese property market, but would also give them access to some fabulous holiday resorts.

Exit strategy:

As the Chinese property market in general and the Hainan market in particular is booming for the moment, the property portfolio managers of Realty Access, can see no downturn in investing in this part of the world, providing a sound legal and financial due diligence is performed prior to acquisition.
Equally providing investments are made at a realistic price level, there should be a steady increase of prices over the years to come.

This property will be available in categories:

Standard Level
Premium Level
Executive Level