Project Description


Bangkok, Thailand


This 4 star, 24-storey recent urban hotel property is a good home base to explore the lively city of Bangkok, known locally as Krung Thep, or “The City of Angels.” The property has a number of on-site facilities such as a fully equipped fitness center, sauna and jacuzzi, an elegant outdoor swimming pool located on the top floor where guests can sunbathe and enjoy food and refreshments as well as the panoramic views over the city.
Multiple on-site restaurants offer a variety of flavorful international cuisines.

The Investment:

Some of the hotel suites simply came up for sale at the right time and the right price. As this project fits well in the portfolio of Realty Access, not only because it’s investment potential but also in order to satisfy the demands from participants in the Asian continent for staying in the city of Bangkok, t was decided by the management of Realty Access to snap up these bargains and add them to the ever growing portfolio.

Exit Strategy:

This hotel enjoys a high occupancy and we expect that Bangkok, due to its strategic “hub” location within the Asian continent, will always have a demand for 4 star hotel. Please note that the resale ability of a hotel property is not solely based on its’ real estate value, however for a large part on the yield it produces.

This property is available in categories:

Entry Level
Standard Level
Premium Level