Project Description


Jaszbereny, Hungary


Building plots with granted building permission in the Jaszbereny area. Jaszbereny is a rural city located in the heart of Hungary. The history of this city attracts many tourists who wish to taste from the authentic Hungarian history. Jaszbereny is strategically located between Budapest, the historic capital of Hungary and Eger the city best known for its’ highly sought after wine.

Jaszbereny is a very popular destination for family rural vacations, and has the option, by traveling just a short distance to visit one of the fascinating cities in Europe, Budapest, or alternatively visit the city Eger the famous centre of the Hungarian wine area. With enormous wine basements under the city, Eger has become a big attraction for family outings. Jaszbereny, is popular all year round, with the warm climate in the summer and beautiful snow views in the winter.

Exit Strategy:

The plots were originally purchased without planning permission, however the Realty Access team has now obtained full planning and building permission to develop the plots with both apartments for recreational use and with villas for leisure or residential use. Once developed we expect that, this will increase the value of the underlying investment.

This property is available in categories:

Entry Level
Standard Level
Premium Level
Executive Level