As a Participant in Realty Access and a member of the Realty Access Global Vacation Club you are entitled to book a number of weekly periods in the Leisure Properties or in the properties made available to us by means of exchange, through DAE or other associated companies at strongly reduced user fees.

In the event you can not or don’t want to use your full entitlement one year you can offer your weeks up for rental either privately or through our extensive rental marketing team.


How much do you think you would be able to rent a week for in a luxury resort in for example Thailand, China, Spain, Orlando and so on?

Any amount received over and above your booking fee is your gain.

For example:

You let a week in a luxury resort in Phuket, Thailand to a friend. A Normal price would be around U$ 2,000, based on the time of year.

As a friend you would charge your friend only U$1,000. This would still leave you after a booking fee of 320$ and a U$ 50 Guest certificate fee, with a profit of more than U$ 600.

In case you do not want to handle this, you can contact your representative in Realty Access, We will do our best effort to rent it for you.

We have a large demand by travel agencies and vacation websites who want to rent our leisure properties to their clients. Because of this, we need inventory of weeks to meet their demands. And once you release us inventory we split the profits with you.